The Seaside Tourism and Business Association - seacoasttrail.com

Jim Higgs of Ionsign recently developed a brand new website for our Seaside Tourism & Business Association. Our old website had become out-dated and it was not visually appealing. With the on line business ever increasing, we realized that we needed to update the Eastern Shore ‘face’ to the world. With fresh new ideas and flair with technology, Jim skillfully created an interactive website that we are all very proud to be a part of. Our Association is made of up of many types of businesses that represent people working in the accommodation, restaurant and tourism industries, as well as many other forms of businesses. It was important to us that the new website represented all of our members equally. It was also important that it was consumer/user friendly. We are extremely happy with the results of this new product www.seacoasttrail.com and would highly recommend that you consider Jim Higgs at Ionsign in developing your new website.
Sincerely, Darrelyn Hubley Chair STBA

Harbour Breezes Daylillies - harbourbreezes.ca

I engaged Jim Higgs of Ionsign Online to develop a website for my business Harbour Breezes Daylilies.  Jim's expertise and ability to come up with all the functions to make the web site work are impressive.  The training that I received for the data entry was great as well.  I am thrilled with the look and functioning of the web site, which is still a work in progress at this point.  I have received many positive comments from people who say they really like my website.  I am very happy that I chose Ionsign Online to develop the website. 
Allan Banks

Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore - nsapes.ca

Jim Higgs of Ionsign developed and hosts the website for our organization, The Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore. As a member I am responsible for providing the association´s website contents. In this function I am working with Jim Higgs for close to a year now. I must admit that when starting my work I was not committed I would manage all this, not exactly being a computer professional. But working with Jim made life easy for me because the service he is providing is simply outstanding! I get all my emails answered immediately, sometimes literally in a few minutes time (even on weekends, sorry, Jim). Every requested change on the website is also done super quickly.

I'm working from Germany, so we only have email contact. But to be honest it appears to me like I would know Jim personally because of his very nice and personal style.

Jim has great expertise in his field and we never encountered any problems with the website.

Our website is done very professionally and creatively and represents our Association exactly according to our specifications. We are proud of our website and are getting many compliments on it. I am passing them on to you, Jim. Thanks!

Karen Elfendahl-Taetz, Germany

Robert MacNeil’s Past China Patterns – missingpieces@eastlink.ca

I had a website for 14 years that looked great but never worked properly.   So it was almost useless.  Then one afternoon a gentleman from Harbour Breezes Daylilies came into our shop and left his business card.  After he left, I looked up their website and found that it was designed by Jim Higgs of Ionsign.  I was so impressed that the next day I called Jim Higgs.  After some discussion,  Jim agreed to design a new website for us.  Within a couple of weeks, on a cold winter day in January we took our two black Labs and went to the Head of Jeddore for a training session.  The rest is history.  Our new website is absolutely fabulous!!!  It is very user friendly and our online sales are increasing each month.  Our customers are very pleased and impressed with how easy it is to use.  Also more folks are checking out our huge online china inventory and it has also brought many more customers to our store.  Jim did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend that you contact him if you are in the market for a new professional website.  He is The Man!!!!!  Thanks Jim!!  It is a real pleasure working with you.
Robert MacNeil

In-gaged Leadership - in-gaged.ca

As a start up company it was important that I have a web presence that was simple to maintain, yet effective in its visual ease of use. Through the design of my web page, Jim at Ionsign has been a tremendous asset to the growth of my company. He is always there when I need help and responds quickly to keep my site effective. As well, he does a great job of explaining ways I can improve it. I would highly recommend Jim and ionsign to any company looking for a professional and effective web site to help grow their business.

Paul Empey
President, "in-gaged" Leadership

Bras Do'r Stewardship Society - brasdorstewardshipsociety.org

   Our original website was poorly designed and rarely updated since it was very cumbersome to introduce new material. In addition, the costs for the maintaining the website were very high considering there was little activity associated with this task.  We needed something over which we had more control, in short a more dynamic site.  Tasked with finding a better alternative I approached Jim Higgs at IonSign and he convinced me that the Drupal open source content management system would give us just what we were looking for.
    I was fully consulted in the design of our new site and shown beta versions at each step for my approval.  Jim then ably instructed me in the use of the content management system and provided help while I was getting up to speed with the new system. After our new site was up and running he made several small tweaks and corrected minor flaws usually within an hour or so, never more than a day, after I drew his attention to them.
    We are very happy with our new website and the system upon which it is based and are also more than satisfied with the service provided by Ionsign.  Ionsign's fees were extremely reasonable for the website design as are the rates for occasional security updates that are required. We now have a dynamic, attractive website with ten times the content and less than half the cost of our old one.

Tim Lambert