What We Do

What we do is to provide small businesses and individuals (artisans etc) with a first class web site at an extremely reasonable cost. Not only are initial design and implementation costs low but so are annual running costs. And you get to make changes to your site as and when you want!!!

Do you need a new Website or does your old website need updating – But you would like to be able to add and change text and add photos at your convenience?

We specialise in the development of high quality websites that you can edit yourself. Based on the Drupal Open Source Content Management System the contents of your site are stored in a database and you enter and edit the information using a web based form over the internet.

No need for complex html skills and ftp'ing files to your server, everything is done through the administration pages of your website. Because you maintain the content of your website, your developer costs are limited to a small upfront development fee and a reasonable monthly maintenance/development charge (for security updates to Drupal etc and for larger changes you cant do for yourself),  hosting and maintenance is all included. If it is essential,  eg for larger organisations with their own facilities/hosts you can choose to manage your hosting service yourself. This will not result in any reduction in overall costs as Ionsign's costs increase due to the greater complexity of working on other hosts and their operating systems/control panels etc.

Finally, do not confuse an Ionsign based CMS system with the freebie offerings that most hosting companies provide. They simply provide a backdrop over which you place your website and are very limited in what you can achieve. To see some of the work of Ionsign Online visit any of the sites listed in our portfolio.

As well as our normal shared based hosting which is suitable for most clients, we also have a high spec dedicated server with a first rate data center that currently only hosts a couple of websites  (and it goes like a rocket!). For sites that need the power and speed this is available at extra cost.

The evidence speaks for itself. Ionsign Online has only been operating for a little over a year and a half (as of summer 2012) and already we have taken over 20 sites live for our clients. All of our clients have come to us through recommendation. No advertising!